Panoramic view of the sunlit city of Goslar

Subsidies for municipalities

    Overview Municipalities

    Invest in the future of your municipality

    Whether municipality or city, association of municipalities or district: Those who invest in the municipal infra­structure create the basis for a lively coexistence of all citizens.

    Cell phone held over folding street map shows electronic map of city


    Broadband networks, traffic routes, daycare centers and much more: Finance with attractive subsidies.

    5 elementary school children run from a school building towards the camera

    Municipal buildings

    Invest with subsidies in public buildings - e.g. in a children daycare center or an administration building.

    Modern apartment building equipped with multiple solar panels

    Residential buildings

    Create energy­-efficient homes using renewable energies. We support your ideas.

    2 engineers checking water quality at a wastewater treatment plant

    District supply

    Use subsidies to modernize or expand your supply and disposal systems.

    Metal ramp with railing for stepless access to the entrance

    Wheelchair ramp for a barrier-free staircase in a public building

    Create public spaces without barriers and use subsidies for your project.

    Woman from behind standing in corn field, in background many wind turbines

    Energy and environment

    Would you like to generate, store and distribute environ­mentally friendly electricity and heat? Or make buildings and supply systems energy efficient? We support your project with favorable promo­tional loans and grants.

    Man on a bicycle riding through the city

    Sustainable mobility

    Fresh air, less noise pollution, better livability: Invest in green projects.