Secondary clarifier of a wastewater treatment plant, 4 towers in the background

Subsidies for municipal enterprises

    Overview municipal enterprises

    Make a sustainable investment in the city of tomorrow

    The better the infrastructure is developed, the more attractive your city is for citizens and business. Take advantage of our subsidies, for example, to invest in climate-friendly energy, renovate buildings or remove barriers.

    Industrial climber with helmet on skyscraper roof in front of radio mast


    Broadband networks, traffic routes, children daycare centers and much more: Finance your project with attractive subsidies.

    Exterior partial view of a modern, energy-efficiently renovated school building

    Municipal buildings

    Invest in public buildings with our subsidies. We fund modernization or construction efforts of non­residential buildings – such as hospitals or schools.

    Modern multi-family housing estate in an outdoor area surrounded with greenery

    Residential buildings

    Whether you want to buy or construct new buildings, renovate existing ones, or protect against burglary: Our promotional loans and grants support your goals.

    Reverse osmosis industrial city water treatment plant pumping station

    District supply

    Would you like to modernize your municipal supply systems? Or expand your waste disposal? We support your project.

    Solar panels on a green field, behind them 2 wind turbines under blue sky

    Energy and environment

    Invest in environmentally friendly electricity and heat, in energy-efficient buildings and utilities. Here you can find your promotion.

    Stone ramp with iron railing in a city park for barrier-free mobility

    City without barriers

    Break down barriers in public spaces and create a family-­friendly environment. We back your ideas for an inclusive future.

    Woman from behind standing in corn field, in background many wind turbines

    Energy and environment

    Would you like to generate, store and distribute environ­mentally friendly electricity and heat? Or make buildings and supply systems energy efficient? We support your project with favorable promo­tional loans and grants.