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Dr Friederike (Fritzi) Köhler-Geib has been KfW Chief Economist and head of the company's economics department since November 2019. She analyses trends relevant for KfW in the economy, society and on the financial markets and brings a new dynamic to the economic and financial policy debate. The focus of her work lies in the analyses of economic developments and growth trends in Germany. A particular focus is placed on small and medium-sized enterprises and the role of innovation and digitalisation in improving competitiveness, as well as issues related to the goal of a climate-neutral economy. Furthermore, Dr Fritzi Köhler-Geib also actively addresses economic policy connections between Germany, Europe and the world.

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01.07.2020 | Labour market Germany

"The business climate has improved significantly from a very low base in all economic sectors since the end of the lockdown. Most companies expect better business in the second half of the year, even though demand and supply chains are still impaired and concerns about the future are often still high. The revived business activity has enabled many short-time workers to extend their working hours again. Nevertheless, the number of unemployed people is likely to continue to rise in the coming months as there will be more redundancies and companies are hiring fewer people. As a result, the number of reported job vacancies in May was with 570,000, more than 200,000 lower than in the same month last year. Unemployment has especially increased among workers without vocational qualifications and young people. In the coming months it will be important to ensure that unemployment does not become entrenched and lead to permanent disadvantages. To this end, apprenticeships and training opportunities must be created in greater numbers. The conditions for this are not easy. Many companies are unable to provide training because of economic problems. And the need for social distancing poses more or less major challenges for companies willing to provide training. This is why innovative solutions are also needed for schooling and vocational training."

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07.07.2020 | DNK Bayerischer Kämmerertag

02./03.09.2020 | Handelsblatt Bankengipfel

  • Frankfurt

15.09.2020 | Jahrestagung des Münchner Finance Forum

  • Munich

17.09.2020 | Finanzgipfel 2020 & Finanztag Mittelstand 2020

  • Frankfurt

01./02.10.2020 | Fachtagung Kommunalfinanzen 2020

  • Berlin

28.10.2020 | Forum Konjunktur- und Wirtschaftspolitik, ISM Dortmund

  • Dortmund

24.11.2020 | CEO-LFI Meeting

  • KfW Group, Frankfurt

25.11.2020 | Hessischer Innovationskongress 2020

  • Frankfurt

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