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Contributions by Dr Jörg Zeuner, Chief Economist of KfW

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14-08-2018 | Flash estimate German GDP 2nd quarter of 2018

“Growth has picked up somewhat in the second quarter, so far so good. However, in a world of increasing risks the upswing can no longer be taken for granted. The global trade conflict continues despite the negotiations agreed between Trump and Juncker and a disorderly Brexit cannot be ruled out, just like Italy seeking confrontation with the EU. Germany should therefore play an even greater role in the further development of the euro area and strongly support a world trade system that is as free as possible. This would be an important signal to the companies, so that they do not step too hectically on the investment brake in view of the numerous uncertainties.” (Dr Jörg Zeuner)

 Kredite an nicht-finanzielle Kapitalgesellschaften
Chief Economist of KfW Dr Jörg Zeuner

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