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Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Banks bear a heavy responsibility. Where banks fail to perform their tasks, industry cannot invest and the economy grows more slowly, and ordinary people cannot make big plans. Their dream of owning a home or a business remains only a dream. This applies to a promotional bank in a special way. KfW is aware of its responsibility. Its task is to ensure sustainability and promote public welfare - within Germany and beyond.


Working towards economic, ecological and social sustainability is a firm element of KfW's mission.

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Social Responsibility

Entrepreneurial activities and social responsibility go hand in hand - in particular for the KfW Stiftung with its legal mandate to foster economic and social change and contribute to improving the quality of life.

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Integrity / Compliance

Lawful action, diligence, integrity, professionalism and adherence to market standards are commitments that govern KfW's conduct.

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Corporate Governance

The adherence to the rules of good corporate governance and supervision is one of the guiding principles of KfW.

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Mission and tasks

Law Concerning KfW and KfW Bylaws.

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