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We finance the future

With over 60 years of focused experience as an export bank, KfW IPEX-Bank supports domestic export companies whose internationalisation creates future prospects on global markets. In this role, KfW IPEX-Bank finances capital goods and services, economic and social infrastructure projects, as well as climate and environmental protection projects. All of KfW IPEX-Bank's financing operations thus fulfil their legal mandate, which is to offer financing in the interests of the German and European economy in order to secure growth and employment, to establish essential connections for our globalised society and to preserve the bases of livelihood for future generations.

Awards for outstanding financing

Every year, the leading media of the international financial press present their “Deal of the Year” awards, recognising the outstanding financing transactions of the year. The KfW IPEX-Bank financings that have been selected demonstrate the bank’s competence in structuring complex financings.

The renowned magazine Project Finance International (PFI) named the project financing for the expansion of the Dutch Blankenburg Tunnel in the Rotterdam region “Europe Transport Deal of the Year”. KfW IPEX-Bank is providing around EUR 75 million for the project, which has a total financing volume of EUR 900 million, and is thus pursuing one of its core businesses – the expansion and maintenance of infrastructure in Germany and Europe. The project comprises the construction of a four-kilometre-long section of the A24 motorway including an approximately one-kilometre-long underwater tunnel and an approximately half-kilometre-long land tunnel. The section will connect the A15 with the A20 in the future, facilitating access to the Rotterdam region. PFI also named the financing of the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project Cerro Dominador in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile “LatAm Renewables Deal of the Year”. KfW IPEX-Bank is participating in the project with financing of USD 55 million. The CSP project is the first of its kind in Latin America with a total capacity of 210 megawatts (MW). Once completed, the plant will provide green energy for Chile's national power grid.

These and other awards offer impressive proof of KfW IPEX-Bank's outstanding ability to structure complex project and export financing compared with international competitors, and thus document its performance.

An overview of all awards 2018 can be foundhere.

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