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Assessing the impact – learning for the future

The effects of the promotional funds used are a focal point of the work performed by KfW Development Bank on behalf of the Federal Government

Projects are not shelved and forgotten even after the actual implementation phase has ended. Our independent evaluation department makes sure of this. It evaluates around half of the projects financed by KfW several years after their completion on a random sample basis, and looks at whether the original objectives were achieved for the long term. This systematic evaluation helps to ensure the quality of the work performed by KfW Development Bank on behalf of the Federal Government and allows KfW to apply the lessons learned to new projects. We want to know what works, how it works and why it works so that we can ensure our promotional funds have as long-term an impact as possible for people living in our partner countries. We publish the results of all evaluations. The success rate is high: our evaluation department rates around 80% of projects financed by KfW Development Bank as successful.

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Around 58% of the total commitments for 2017 in the amount of EUR 665 million promote improved access to education for 6.6 million schoolchildren.

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Climate and environmental protection, and access to energy

This is an important contribution towards the Federal Government’s target of ensuring that a total of 100 million more people have access to modern energy by 2030.

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Financial sector

Peace and security

Urban development

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