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Digitalisation and agility

The KfW digital academy

KfW summarises everything that makes the company fit for digitalisation under the label “digital academy”. At the same time, KfW sees digitalisation as being much more than just computer-aided automation. Knowledge transfer on the topic and the active design of a corporate culture that fits this digitalisation are just as important to us.

The digital academy offers are developed jointly within KfW by the Digital Office and the Change Management Team in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Providing basic knowledge about digitalisation
  • Exploiting the possibilities of new technologies
  • Understanding agility and bringing it to life
  • Ensuring internal knowledge transfer and networking
  • Strengthening leadership in the digital world
  • Enabling modern learning

In the long term

  • KfW will thereby improve the flexibility of its employees,
  • KfW will safeguard its attractiveness as an employer for generations Y and Z,
  • and will support the establishment of KfW’s promotional business in the digital world.

With the concept of a “Digital Inspiration Day”, KfW is sensitising entire divisions, sometimes comprising more than 100 people, in just one day to the most important issues surrounding “digitalisation”, “agility” and “new work”. By gaining a deeper understanding of the issues, KfW is removing the fear of the digital future from many employees.

Digitalisation and training

All vocational trainees and sandwich students have been equipped with notebooks, enabling them to network with each other regardless of time and location, for example, to work together on project tasks at the vocational school or university.

The new training course “Mathematical Technical Software Developer” has been introduced in Berlin, in which trainees learn to design, develop and implement complex software systems.

Agility fundamentally changes how we work

Digitalisation has also brought the subject of agility to KfW. Agility represents a response to our rapidly changing world – often referred to as a VUCA world – and provides tools to better address existing and future challenges. For KfW, too, we assume that it is increasingly important to deal with diverse and complex requirements and to find internal answers to them in order to be successful. Examples include banking supervision and compliance requirements, changing political framework conditions and complex IT software development.

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