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We support internationalisation – KfW IPEX-Bank

As a specialist financier, KfW IPEX-Bank is responsible for the business sector Export and project finance within KfW Group. The mandate of the legally independent group company is to support German and European companies on the global markets and thereby to secure domestic economic strength, employment and growth. The structuring of medium and long-term financing for key industrial sectors of the export economy, for economic and social infrastructure projects and for climate and environmental protection projects are at the core of its activities.

  • Balanced risk/return ratio
  • Following the exceptional year 2015, stabilisation at a normal level as in previous years
  • Volume of new commitments at EUR 16.1 billion
  • Challenging market environment

Successful financial year 2016

Following the exceptional previous year in which special transactions and market developments resulted in an overstatement of new business volume, the 2016 new commitment volume stabilised at the level seen in the years prior to 2015. The bank consistently prioritised transaction quality in the reporting year, thereby achieving a balanced risk/return ratio. KfW IPEX-Bank's business underscores its position as a specialist financier for the German and European export economy.

KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH result

The operating result of the Export and project finance business sector, which is managed by KfW IPEX-Bank, was, at EUR 645 million, somewhat lower than that of the previous year. It largely comprised net interest and commission income, after deduction of administrative expenses, which rose slightly in the year under review. Risk provisions in the reporting year were measured conservatively to take appropriate account of all recognisable risks, yielding a profit from operating activities of EUR 499 million.

Solid income before taxes was reported for the legally independent KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH, whose accounts are reported separately. KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH conducts all export and project finance market transactions. The volume of lending for the Export and project finance business sector amounted to EUR 69.4 billion as of 31 December 2016 (31 December 2015: EUR 69.4 billion).

The KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH Annual Report 2016 is available for download here.

Legal notice:
The information contained in this online Annual Report 2016 is based on KfW’s Financial Report 2016, which you can download here. Should this online Annual Report 2016, despite the great care taken in preparation of its content, contain any contradictions or errors compared to the Financial Report, the KfW Financial Report 2016 takes priority.

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