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We promote development – DEG

Private companies that invest in devel­oping countries and emerging economies often face particular challenges in their efforts to seize opportunities and access new markets. Providing reliable financing and advice to such companies to enable them to have lasting success is the mandate of DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.

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DEG achieved the highest new commitment volume in its history in 2016:

  • EUR 1.6 billion made available for private investments in developing and emerging economies
  • Financings and promotional programmes for German companies totalling EUR 268 million
  • Financings for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of EUR 871 million constituted over 60% of new commitments in 2016

We provided finance to 44 countries in 2016. The majority of the financings by continent were again destined for Asia, which received commitments totalling EUR 512 million. Latin America, with a total commitment volume of EUR 507 million – a 60% increase year on year – came a close second. Commitments for investments in Africa also recorded positive development, achieving EUR 331 million. Commitments for Europe totalling EUR 108 million also represented a sizable increase of around 40%. Eastern and south-eastern Europe received EUR 53 million of this total volume. Financing commitments for supra-regional projects rose to EUR 97 million.

New commitments by region (EUR in millions)

DEG generated a very healthy result in financial year 2016 under what were at times challenging conditions. Profit for the year after increased risk provisioning and before taxes amounted to around EUR 111 million. Net retained earnings for 2016 were around EUR 100 million.

An overview of DEG financial year 2016: new commitments

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