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Key promotional area: Housing – business sector Kommunal- und Privatkundenbank/Kreditinstitute (Municipal and Private Client Bank/Credit Institutions)

Broad portfolio focused on housing

Through its key promotional area of housing, KfW finances not only climate and environmental protection investments but also those that address the “demographic change” megatrend. Promotional programmes cover a range of areas, from broad-based home ownership through energy efficiency to investments in accessible, age-appropriate housing.

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Record funding from Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment

Extremely robust construction activity combined with the persistent low interest rate environment generated very brisk demand. For the first time, more than EUR 11 billion in funds was committed to financing new builds alone. Some 45% more homes than the previous year underwent energy-rehabilitation measures as well. Promotional business volume within the programme suite is rising steadily despite more stringent efficiency requirements on construction.

Promotion of the ambitious energy efficiency standard KfW 40+ was also newly introduced. Builders granted construction funding in accordance with KfW’s Efficiency House standard are also investing in climate and environmental protection.

Grant promotion boom

In addition to pure loan financing, KfW also offers grants, for which interested parties can submit applications online and be paid directly.

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Key promotional area of housing/LFI facility for affordable housing

Global loans to promotional institutions of the federal states for affordable housing

KfW works with promotional institutions of the federal states to support states and municipalities in creating affordable housing. These institutions have received up to EUR 2 billion in low-interest global loans to refinance state programmes in this area. The promotional offering is available until end of March 2018.

Focal area: Construction of affordable and energy-efficient rental homes

Promotion under KfW’s Energy-efficient Construction programme with low interest rates funded by the Federal Government requires compliance with the KfW Efficiency House 70 standard. It serves primarily to finance rental home construction.

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