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Key promotional area: Environment – business sector Mittelstandsbank (SME Bank)

Expanding promotion of investment in commercial climate and environmental protection

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KfW Energy Efficiency Programme – Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment – Production Facilities and Processes

KfW Energy Efficiency Programme restructured on 1 July 2015 – positive results 1.5 years later

KfW’s Energy Efficiency Programme, which was restructured and significantly improved in 2015, promotes energy efficiency in businesses with attractive repayment bonuses from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

This programme has been very well received on the market. Commitments in 2016 totalled more than EUR 5 billion, of which EUR 3 billion was earmarked for the KfW Energy Efficiency Programme – Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment, and EUR 2 billion for KfW Energy Efficiency Programme – Production Facilities and Processes.

Restructuring of KfW Energy Efficiency Programme – Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment (2016)

A lending volume of some EUR 3.1 billion was committed under the KfW Energy Efficiency Programme – Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment in 2016.

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KfW waste heat energy efficiency programme

BMWi promotes new KfW waste heat energy efficiency programme

The programme launched on 1 May 2016 is aimed at businesses and promotes investment in the modernisation, expansion or new construction of systems to prevent or utilise waste heat. The programme features repayment bonuses from BMWi funds, and is involved in the BMWi’s “Germany makes it efficient” campaign.

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KfW Renewable Energy Programme – Standard

KfW offers low-interest loans to support the expansion of renewable energy to generate electricity. It has made a significant contribution in recent years to increasing the share of gross electricity consumption attributable to renewable sources to around 32%.

One of the biggest challenges in the energy transition is integrating the growing proportion of decentralised and fluctuating renewable energy sources into the energy supply system, to ensure that it remains secure in the future as well.

KfW expanded its Renewable Energy Programme – Standard in November 2016 as part of a targeted approach to supporting the next phase of the energy transition. This reliable and attractive financing offering is now open to measures based on many types of technology in order to bring more flexibility to energy supply and demand, and to digitalise the energy transition.

For example, in its newly launched energy storage programme, KfW addresses power-to-x technologies for using surplus electrical power in other sectors or coupling power from the electricity, heat and mobility sectors, or intelligent measurement systems for digitally linking consumers and power generators.

KfW Renewable Energy Programme – Storage

Small photovoltaic battery storage systems have been promoted since 2013 under the KfW Renewable Energy Programme – Storage, which includes BMWi's attractive repayment bonuses and KfW’s low-interest loans.

Development of the KfW Renewable Energy Programme – Storage

Total commitments (since 2013): EUR 371 million
Total number of storage systems financed (since 2013): 23,554

The second phase of the promotional programme was launched on 1 March 2016 with only minor changes. The programme term is limited until 31 December 2018. Germany has the world's highest standards in operating and safety of network storage thanks to the KfW Renewable Energy Programme – Storage.

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