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Equal opportunities and the reconciliation of work and family life

New Equal Opportunities Plan

A commitment to ensuring equal oppor­tunities for men and women has been a key component of KfW’s personnel policy for some time now, is based at a high level – also in an external comparison – and is closely linked to our Gender Balance Strategy. The Equal Opportunities Plan came into effect on 1 January 2016 and will remain in force until the end of 2019.

Increase in the proportion of women in management and senior positions; targets to reach by 2019 (all figures in %)

We will continue to pursue the objective of increasing the proportion of women in management and senior professional positions using both internal promotions and external recruitment until 2019. We are on the right track as of 31 December 2016: total 30.2%, directors 12%, department heads 28.1% and team leaders 32.3%.

The recruitment processes and HR development tools introduced to increase the proportion of women as part of the 2011–2015 Equal Opportunities Plan have been successfully integrated into ongoing HR processes.

You can find out more about our equal opportunities activities in the brochure entitled “KfW Equal Opportunities Plan – an overview of our projects”, which is available for download (in German) on the KfW website.

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Incorporating equal opportunities into the KfW culture

Gender balance needs role models and staying power so that lasting effects can be achieved. We continued to present tried-and-tested best practice examples in 2016 and used various events in a quest to drive forward the process of change.

Further measures to help employees reconcile career and personal obligations to care for children and family members

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