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KfW Group is active in Europe in almost all its business areas. Accordingly, KfW has been represented in Brussels with its EU Liaison Office since 1996. It is working intensively with the EU institutions, for instance with the European Commission or the European Parliament.

The office team

  • monitors and assesses developments at the EU level that are relevant for KfW Group and informs accordingly,
  • identifies suitable contact persons at EU institutions to deal with KfW's topics and makes contacts,
  • represents KfW Group on the European level - at events, meetings and for inquiries
  • organises, arranges and attends events to increase KfW's visibility and its competence at the European level,
  • is in close contact with the representations of the Federal Republic, the federal states, business associations and civil society organisations.


KfW Liaison Office to the EU

Rue Montoyer 51

1000 Brussels



+32 22 33-38 50


+32 22 33-38 59