Business Survey

    Business Survey

    Annual report on the financing situation of small and medium enterprises.

    Business Survey 2022 – Financing environment is recovering from the coronavirus crisis – sustainability is gaining in importancet (Summary)
    Business Survey 2021 – Coronavirus crisis is putting pressure on businesses – financing environment is becoming more difficult (Summary)
    Business Survey 2020 – Digitalisation: Proportion of businesses planning digital projects stagnates on a high level (Summary)
    Business Survey 2020 – Lending climate: Businesses are well equipped for the crisis (Summary)
    Business Survey 2019 – More and more businesses have firm plans for digitalisation, hurdles also more widely acknowledged (Summary)
    Business Survey 2019 – Financing climate remains strong despite economic headwind (Summary)
    Business Survey 2018 – Digitalisation is gaining momentum (Summary)
    Business Survey 2018 – Credit market sentiment remains strong (Summary)
    Business Survey 2017 – Funding situation of businesses is moving sideways – first signs of a change in trend? (Summary)
    Business Survey 2017 – Digital transformation of industries (Summary)
    Business Survey 2016 – Summary
    Business Survey 2015 – Summary
    Business Survey 2014 – Summary
    Business Survey 2013 – Summary


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