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    Transformation agenda

    With KfWplus, KfW is becoming the digital transformation and promotional bank

    In this decade of decisions and investments, it is our task as KfW Group to accelerate the sustainable transformation and to strengthen Germany as an industrial and technology location. In doing so, KfW as a digital transformation and promotional bank is focusing its activities on the action areas of climate & environment, digitalisation & innovation, managing impact & mobilising private capital, and a top-performing KfW. The present decade needs a spirit of optimism and going ahead - in Germany and around the world.

    KfW is becoming more adaptable, efficient and effective: interview with Stefan Wintels

    Stefan Winels im Studio
    Stefan Wintels, CEO
    Mr Wintels, KfW is to develop into a digital transformation and promotional bank. What does that mean, exactly?

    I am convinced that this decade is a decade of decision. The decision about what consequences our actions will have for the generations to come. In the coming years, we need to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

    The decade of decisions and investments has started

    Action areas within KfWplus

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    Climate & environment

    In the decade of decision, promotion focuses on overcoming the enormous challenges of sustainable transformation in the areas of climate and environment.

    Social-ecological transition

    • The promotion of charging infrastructure in Germany
    • Husk Power Systems: development and operation of hybrid power plants based on renewable energies

    Adapting to climate change

    • Heidekrautbahn, Berlin: zero-emission fleet with 100% regional green energy
    • Jashim Salam (Bangladesh): flood protection project

    Climate Technology Facility

    • Aurubis: project for district heating generation for the eastern Hamburg HafenCity
    • Montecristi Solar Park, Dominican Republic
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    Digitalisation & innovation

    The transition to a sustainable economy and society must be accelerated in order to make Europe a future-proof and competitive location for industry and technology.

    Innovative and digitally enabled SMEs

    • Rhebo Cybersecurity: protecting critical iInfrastructure and industrial control technology
    • InstaDeep: development of AI applications and machine learning, Tunisia

    Innovative and digital training and education

    • TUMO: scaling the offering of educational centres for young people (e.g. Mannheim)
    • Anchor investor Integra Partners Fund II

    Innovative and digitally enabled infrastructure and administration

    • Deutsche GigaNetz: expansion of the fibre optic network, investment volume of EUR 3 billion
    • Fund for Digital Transformation in West Africa in the amount of EUR 16.2 million
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    Managing impact and mobilising private capital

    Systematic, group-wide impact management forms the basis for the successful further development of promotional and financing measures. In addition, private capital is being mobilised across all business areas – the transformation will not succeed with public funds alone.

    Impact-oriented management of promotional activities

    • tranSForm: step-by-step development of group-wide impact management and of the data infrastructure required for this
    • Basis: measurable and comparable impact indicators
    • The aim is to provide transparent information about the impact of promotion.

    Leveraging private capital

    • KfW Capital: coordination of growth funds for the German Federal Government
    • DEG and KfW Development Bank: expansion of impact funds for private sector companies for improving social conditions
    • Emerging Market Climate Action Fund for emerging and developing economies (EMCAF)
    • WALD initiative to support natural carbon sinks at home and abroad
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    Top-performing KfW

    A central element of the transformation agenda is the aspiration of top performance from KfW. This bundles measures for transformation within KfW.


    • Further development of the leadership culture and cooperation

    Promotion of employee potential

    • Talent pools, further development through qualification and promotion as well as follow-up

    Driving our own digitalisation

    • Xplore!: first online portal for SDG financing

    Business and operating model & governance

    • iCARE: future-oriented payment transactions
    • “Development Bank 2025”, “IPEX X23/SHAPE”, “DEG 2030” international strategies

    KfW's Sustainable Finance Concept reflects its self-image as a transformative and promotional bank,

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    The information contained in this online Annual Report 2023 is based on KfW’s Financial Report 2023, which you can download here. Should this online Annual Report 2023, despite the great care taken in preparation of its content, contain any contradictions or errors compared to the Financial Report, the KfW Financial Report 2023 takes priority.