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    Dr Friederike (Fritzi) Köhler-Geib has been KfW Chief Economist and head of the company's economics department since November 2019. She analyses trends relevant for KfW in the economy, society and on the financial markets and brings a new dynamic to the economic and financial policy debate. The focus of her work lies in the analyses of economic developments and growth trends in Germany. A particular focus is placed on small and medium-sized enterprises and the role of innovation and digitalisation in improving competitiveness, as well as issues related to the goal of a climate-neutral economy. Furthermore, Dr Fritzi Köhler-Geib also actively addresses economic policy connections between Germany, Europe and the world.

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    24.04.2024 │ ifo Business Climate April 2024

    Meeting KfW Research
    “Temperatures are still cool, but they are rising – the same applies to economic sentiment in April. The business climate continues its upward trend with the third rise in a row, which according to a rule of thumb means that the change in sentiment for the better is now a reality. Hard data such as industrial production and wholesale turnover have also risen somewhat since the beginning of the year. The prospects are now good that the long-feared renewed GDP contraction in the first quarter will not materialise and Destatis may even announce a slight increase next Tuesday. Overall, however, sentiment remains gloomy in an ambiguous mix of economic and structural factors.”
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    KfW Research Position Paper

    A boost in investment for the transformation – what exactly is needed?

    Treffen KfW Research

    Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic have shaken the foundations of a rules-based world order and the German economic model. Even amid the necessary short-term crisis management, investments are key to successful adaptation to the changed environment. They make restructuring energy supplies and the green and digital transformation possible – and demand a joint effort by government, the business community and private households. The lion’s share of necessary investment will have to come from the private sector. The current burdens from high energy costs and uncertainties act as additional roadblocks. So it is all the more important to encourage and provide intelligent support for private investment. Government therefore has a key role to play: first, by formulating targets and setting frameworks and incentives and second, by investing in infrastructure and human capital, both of which are required for the productive realisation of private-sector activity.

    A boost in investment for the transformation – what exactly is needed?

    Further position papers and publications on the coronavirus and the crisis

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      Climate protection goals – Plenty of room for improvement

      Rebuilding the economy after COVID-19 and tackling the climate crisis must go hand in hand. For Germany to achieve its target for climate action, it needs to tap into overlooked areas of potential to reduce its CO₂ emissions. In particular, this process will be essential for the transport sector. And there is even more that can be done with innovative building solutions.

      An article by Dr. Fritzi Köhler-Geib at KfW Stories

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      24.04.2024 | TSI Kongress, Frankfurt

      24.04.2024 | Fachgespräch Bundestag zu "Investitionsbedarf in Deutschland"

      30.04.2024 | 1. Atlantik-Brücke Strategy Session, Frankfurt

      14.05.2024 | Deutscher Stiftungstag 2024, Hannover

      22.05.2024 | Sitzung des Mittelstandsrats, Berlin

      03.06.2024 | Ostdeutsches Wirtschaftsforum 2024, Bad Sarrow

      04.06.2024 | BDI Ausschusssitzung, Frankfurt

      10.06.2024 | ACHEMA 2024, Frankfurt

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