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KfW as Issuer

Who we are

KfW is worldwide one of the most active, high-volume issuers (non-governmental) at the international capital markets with an annual issuance volume of around 70-90 bn EUR. We focus on a sustainable issuance strategy with the clear target to reach the highest possible level of liquidity and stability for KfW bonds. A long standing and trustful cooperation with investors and banks worldwide is an important prerequisite to reach these goals. Due to the top credit standing of KfW Bankengruppe and the additional security provided by the direct guarantee of the Federal Republic of Germany all three financial rating agencies - Moody's, Scope Ratings and Standard&Poor's - have assigned a triple-A rating to KfW.

KfW bonds

With its broad range of capital markets products, KfW covers diverse and varying investor needs. Through this diversification KfW attains particular high flexibility and independence from individual market trends. The benchmark programme comprises large-volume bonds with typical benchmark maturities. Besides benchmark bonds in EUR and USD KfW offers " Green Bonds - Made by KfW" as well as additional public bonds in different currencies, maturities and formats. The product range is complemented by tailor-made private placements specifically customized for investors' needs. Private placements are flexible in regard to currency, structure and maturity.

Further information on the individual products can be found on the pages linked in the text.

This graphic shows the four different types of KfW funding products and their specifications. The specific characteristics can be found on the pages linked in the text.

Also in 2022 KfW remains the "World's Safest Bank"

Global Finance - Safest Banks Award 2021

KfW continues to be the safest bank worldwide. As in previous years US finance magazine Global Finance declared KfW the “World's Safest Bank”.

In 2022, KfW once again confirmed its leading position among the 500 largest banks worldwide. The ranking of the Global Finance magazine is based on the evaluation of long-term credit ratings from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch and on the total assets of the banks.

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