Aerial view of the KfW Main Building in Frankfurt shortly after sunset.

    Executive Board of KfW

    The Executive Board conducts KfW's business and administers its assets according to the Law Concerning KfW and the KfW By-Laws. It is responsible for duly performing its duties and sees to the implementation of resolutions taken by the Board of Supervisory directors.

    Members of the Executive Board of KfW Group

    Stefan Wintels

    CEO of KfW

    Katharina Herrmann

    Melanie Kehr

    CIO of KfW

    Christiane Laibach

    Bernd Loewen

    CFO of KfW

    Dr Stefan Peiß

    CRO of KfW

    History of KfW

    Chairs of Supervisory Board and Executive Board of KfW

    Chairs of the Supervisory Board and Speakers of the Executive Board of KfW since 1948.


    KfW Group

    Palmengartenstrasse 5-9

    60325 Frankfurt am Main